About us

About the Blog

The Vegan Wardrobe is the ultimate destination for sustainable fashion. It is cruelty-free fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that curates a guide to an environment-friendly living. It was started in August 2017 by two sisters who share a common love for nature and fashion resulting in this green space that nurtures harmless living. It aims to bring a fashion revolution so that fashion can exist responsibly without hurting animals and exploiting humans.


About the Founders

Gauri Awasthi – CEO and Co-founder
Current city – Mumbai, India
She is a Journalism graduate and identifies as a writer that feels for feminism and the environment. She aims at bringing about a consumer-driven revolution and aligns with the fact that if every one of us starts investing in the right kind products i.e. products which are sustainable and cruelty-free, we’ll be doing so much as a whole to change the way animals are treated in the world and hence contributing our bit towards climate change. She has been fond of animals since a young age and her empathy with them pushed her to create this space to start a dialogue.

Purvika Awasthi – Style director and Co-founder       
Current city – Delft, Netherlands
Purvika is an Architect at mind and yogi at heart. She relates to sustainable strategies in both construction as well as lifestyle. Currently, she is pursuing Landscape Architecture at Delft. She believes fashion, art, and architecture are largely inspired by each other and follow similar rules of correct mixing of colors and proportions. Her motto is that by adopting an environment-friendly and sensitive lifestyle as a consumer we can surely move towards a healthier and happier earth where everyone is treated well.

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